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Study Help

Don't Fail!

General Study Sessions

Yay, the brother's room is open! If you know a test is coming up in a week or two, or if you just want to stay on top of your classes, feel free to organize a study session in there! Or if you study best by yourself, do that! Good luck!


Hey Paizanos!
We know that lots of you are taking classes and sometimes, you need help. Don't you worry, we have a whole lot of brothers that know they're stuff.

This page will act as a resource detailing which brothers (or pledges if you so desire) know how to solve just what ails ya.

Feel free to edit this page if you wish to be a resource for class help, or if you realize just how dumb you really are after you sign up and delete yourself off the list. Place any specific class numbers next to your name

(I seeded the list with some names, if anyone wants to be off the list, feel free to take yourselves off)


Computer Science

  • Enrique Santos - CS1372 (TA), CS2261, CS1331
  • Peter Watanabe - CS2261 (TA)
  • Brian Ouellette - CS1371
  • Reed Lipman - CS1331 (TA)
  • Andy Davis - CS1331, *CRYPTOGRAPHY*
  • Amir - CS1371, CS1331
  • Bobby King - CS1315 (TA)
  • Trevor Register - CS1301 (TA) (He also "LOVES" robots)
  • David Poore - CS1315


  • Trevor Register
  • Jon Paprocki
  • Clint Weigle
  • Greg Brown (Former PHYS2211 TA)


  • David Hollis
  • Jon Paprocki
  • Trevor Register (all Calculus, Diff EQ, Statistics)


  • Matthew "Zeus" Morris
  • Amir - CHEM1310
  • Alma Castaneda - CHEM1310

    Electrical & Computer Engineering

  • Brian Ouellette
  • Greg Brown
  • Enrique Santos - ECE2030
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